“Part of the extended team.”

Rami has had a monumental impact on my life and how I approach running my business. His methodologies are simple and effective. Whenever you connect with him you are put in a safe space where you can really assess challenges. From this, you have the ability to reflect and work together on identifying long-term outcomes. His business IQ is unsurpassed. He understands the context and challenges of running teams and responding to market challenges fast and helps you improve your ability to do so. Most of all, he is a great guy who cares. I am very fortunate to have Rami as a part of the extended team at Innovatus Media.

— Matthew E, CEO, Innovatus Media

“Connected my values to my leadership style.”

I was lucky to have Rami as my executive coach and he has made a huge difference in my ability as a leader. I looked forward to each of my  sessions and I walked out always energized knowing I can conquer challenges. Rami helped connect my values to my leadership style and made me to play to my strengths with confidence. Rami's neutral attitude, reflective coaching style and suggestions are easy to exercise, they are pragmatic and highly motivational!

— Anitha M, Global Auto Analytics Lead, Fortune 100 Company

“Instrumental in helping me scale.”

Rami was instrumental in helping me scale and onboard in my new leadership role. He helped me diagnose and take action understanding and contributing to corporate culture, tactics and approaches to managing up and around, and managing team transformation towards a new vision. Throughout our sessions, Rami pushed me to be more reflective, to consider intended & unintended impact of my approach, and to practice new frameworks that could help me improve as a leader.

— Justin D, Head of Consumer Insights, Google

“Immediate comfort and connection”

Rami was my executive coach while I was leading an Area 120 team at Google. This role was unique in its challenges because it required raising money and building products that have the potential to explode. Rami's a very personable coach, and I felt an immediate comfort and connection with him. His coaching style really allowed me to understand my underlying assumptions and most importantly, he let me get to those conclusions on my own. Overall, I had a great engagement w/ Rami, and I'd recommend him to other leaders.

— Manish G, Area 120 CEO, Google

“Incredibly insightful in identifying challenges.”

Rami was an excellent coach who played a pivotal role in helping me build a new team within Google. He took the time to get to know me personally and professionally, understand my focus areas, and pointedly address them over our time together.  He was incredibly insightful in identifying challenges I needed to overcome and surfacing areas of opportunity that I hadn’t recognized myself. What I appreciated about Rami was his balance of coaching and leading me to a solution, and also providing me concrete answers when I was looking for it. 

— Neha D, Global Top Accounts Lead, Fortune 100 company

“There is no doubt I am a stronger leader”

Through 9 sessions over 3 months and a combination of frameworks, insightful research, self-reflection, and homework (in the form of practical application), Rami helped me make more progress in the areas of leadership and executive presence than 8 years of natural progress at my current employer. Rami led me down a path to deep levels of introspection that will serve me well for the rest of my career. Through his coaching, there is no doubt I am a stronger leader.

— Justin R, Head of Strategy and Operations, Fortune 100 company